Expecting Parents

FETAL FOTOS seeks to meet the needs of expectant mothers and overburdened providers by giving patients affordable direct access to quality medical routine ultrasounds. We use our highly specialized 2/3/4D imaging methods to serve as an extension of the care provided by physicians. In our warm, family-friendly environment we are able to set patients at ease while solidifying the bond between expectant family and the unborn child, increasing understanding of prenatal development and health awareness.

  1. TRUSTED STANDARDS. FETAL FOTOS provides the experience, quality, technology, training and physician oversight providers can trust.
  2. PATIENT RETENTION. Providers obtain and retain patients by offering expanded choices without increasing the time and cost burden on the practice.
  3. ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TO MEET DEMAND. Providers interested in offering 3/4D can avoid having to invest in the equipment, staff, environment and extensive additional training needed to fill that demand.
  4. SERVICE FOR THE UNINSURED. FETAL FOTOS is an ideal low-cost option for uninsured patients for routine ultrasounds.
  5. COST CONTROL. Outsourcing avoids higher health care costs created by forcing traditionally non-reimbursable requests through insurance.
  6. INCREASED PATIENT COMMITMENT. Our patients report that after experiencing a medical ultrasound at FETAL FOTOS, they have increased their commitment to positive prenatal health behaviors, such as improved diet, exercise and smoking cessation.

The providers and women we serve come to know that we are different from any other ultrasound clinic. We have more experience, exclusive imaging skills, high medical standards and a persistent dedication to our customers' health.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with providers as we offer this positive experience to expectant women. Our customers express their gratitude for our service daily, and our provider relationships make that possible.

First, we verify each patient is receiving prenatal care. Second, our highly trained technicians scan the patient for the specified purposes and provide a digital version of that scan to be read by a board-certified obstetrician. This will either be completed by one of our overseeing obstetricians or by you, the patient's provider. If you would like to be involved in this process, please contact FETAL FOTOS.

FETAL FOTOS employs ultrasound technicians from a variety of backgrounds. Some are licensed, registered technicians (ARDMS), others are certified through clinical ultrasound schools around the country, and still others have been trained directly under the supervision of an obstetrician. Whatever the educational background or years of diagnostic experience the technician has before coming to FETAL FOTOS, the imaging techniques exclusive to FETAL FOTOS require the same lengthy period of intensive training and supervised scanning. The result--each FETAL FOTOS technician is one of a limited number of sonographers around the country counted among the best in the nation in fetal imaging and diagnostic Scanning.

We use 3/4D imaging in conjunction with "regular" 2D imaging to provide families with the best possible understanding of prenatal development and to give families a more tangible connection with the baby. Research has shown that 3/4D imaging engages a greater commitment to prenatal health by expectant mothers and gives them a stronger sense of bonding.

In 1994, Board-Certified obstetrician Leon Hansen, M.D., recognized that his patients relied a great deal on their medical ultrasound to better understand their pregnancy. He wanted to offer greater choices to expecting women, but physicians' time is short, and such requests are rarely covered by insurance.

As a result, he created an affordable ultrasound service designed to enhance the routine medical ultrasound experience to serve the patient's needs and concerns. He developed a staff of clinical technicians with highly advanced skills in parent-focused imaging and the newer 3/4D technology, with a unique focus on patient education.

"As physicians, we shouldn't have to choose between providing quality medical care and creating a positive patient experience," says Dr. Hansen. "FETAL FOTOS exists to give providers a resource to better serve their patients without loss of time or resources, and to give patients direct access to more choices in consultation with their provider."

"I refer to FETAL FOTOS so my patients can access quality non-reimbursable ultrasound services without placing an added burden on my practice. In addition, I believe in the potential that 3/4D imaging has to enhance a woman's commitment to her pregnancy and health."

Russell Smith, M.D. FACOG

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